Black Non-slip Reusable Rain Shoes

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Waterproof PVC, Durable and strong, it is suitable for repeated and extended use, no rips and no tears.
This rain shoe cover has triangular connection under the zipper rope which can prevent water penetration.
The zipper operates smoothly, and the elastic top ties work well to enclose pants inside the boot.
This rain shoe cover is essential for car and office on daily use you are surprised with a sudden shower or snowstorm, also work in cold, snow, slush, mud, etc.
Especially for keeping your shoes and feet dry when riding a bike in wet weather. Students can walk it to school without having the headache of wet shoes and socks.
Material: PVC
Size: S (35-36) / M (37-38) / L (39-40) / XL (41-42) / XXL (43-44) / XXXL (45-46)
Package List:
1 pair of Shoes Cover